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Established in 2021

We started by putting two cryptos head to head in a fight to the deadline. The crypto with the largest percentage gain in the specified time frame wins. Since then we have continued our crypto fights and evolved our project into much more. This is a fun community full of entertainment and knowledge!


KMBT Token

Powering the Krypto Kombat Universe

- KMBT has a 100 million Supply

- KMBT is built on the Polygon Network

- KMBT can be traded on Quickswap

- Contract Address:  0xb1069ed13d28c585EBC14136cc974EBF0cB02799


    The KMBT Token is just a fun way to bring our members together and give more life to our community. This token is just for fun and is not intended for financial gain. Any future gain will go toward improving the community with new DAPPs and marketing to reach new members!



Up to 100% APY

Our secure staking platform allows KMBT holders to earn token rewards by holding!



Peer to Peer Lending Platform

Safe and Secure way to keep your crypto but use it as collateral.


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